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photo by Charlie Simokaitis

Digital Monastics


The mission of Digital Monastics is to empower Seekers to find God where they gather, play, work and worship.


Some of today’s most vibrant spiritual communities affecting positive spiritual change exist solely on social media. Other temporary communities work, gather, pray and play together while volunteering with progressive stewardship efforts to save planet Earth and its people. Digital Monastics brings together a network of spiritual sojourners, continually establishing intentional, ad-hoc monastic communities. Materials are being created around Disney Theme Parks, HBO’s television series The Wire and Showtime’s violent but popular series Dexter. The first initiative to begin these 21st century monastic communities is Disney Monastics.

These communities claim the sacred stories of culture, discerning together the actions of God in our most familiar, everyday experiences. These monastic communities will create the Church of the future; a Church that transcends the walls of buildings, through and across religious denominations, inviting people who are suspicious of traditional institutional religion into a vibrant community of faith.

Our traditional Sunday worship spaces present us with the biggest evangelical challenge of the 21st Century. Walls empower us to look inward, to look and to think alike, separating our Monday through Saturday life, from our Sunday spiritual life. Digital Monastics will teach a 21st Century Monastic Model that will empower leaders to create intentional, life-giving, justice seeking communities, be it where we work, worship, or recreate.

The worship space of my youth is being usurped by virtual gathering spaces. As consumers of information, news & entertainment, public opinion and talking heads, our virtual social communities are connecting twenty-four seven. In order to reach people where they are, the Church must do this also.



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