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Disney Monastics

We are pleased to host the first Monastic Community at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The Walt Disney Company has an impressive track record of commercial success. As important as scripture stories are, the reality is all stories in popular culture have something to teach us about our shared humanity in powerful ways.

During November 2014, Disney Monastics will gather at the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown Disney to reflect on scripture, culture and tradition, and, more importantly, to discern Gospel action.

Relationship building within a Christian monastic context is the focus of this gathering. Disney Monastics begins on Sunday with a dinner reception. Sessions that follow will theologically reflect on scripture, culture, creation, redemption, death and resurrection. Subliminal world-view messages of Disney rides will help monastics see how these spiritual realities are captured and translated in images of popular culture.

Throughout the retreat, monastics will pray the daily office as well as create spiritual autobiographies. Time spent within the theme parks will be for gathering information for theological reflection in the evening. The retreat concludes with a challenge to monastics to identify spiritual messages within their particular context, access the power of the monastic community through virtual space and social media, seeking God’s justice. Participants become touchstones for each other hopefully repeating a theological reflection model, with each other, wherever they are.

For more information about Disney Monastics, link here.

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