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My New Orleans

I love my hometown city of New Orleans. I grew up with the spirt and soul of the streets of the French Quarter. I rested under the oaks of St. Charles Avenue, and am a Saints fan who loves to cheer on the team in the Superdome,. The music, culture and food are big parts of my spiritual reality.


I am delighted when ​friends share with me that they are going to New Orleans. They ask for recommendaitons of where to eat, where to play, or where to stay.


I would rather just invite myself along and travel with them as their personal guide. That would not be appropriate I guess. But it is fun to imagine!

In case you do not invite me, here are my recommendations of where to stay, eat, play and drink.



BEGIN by tuning in to  WWOZ 90.7FM, the guardians of the grrove, then, as we say, "Laizzes les bons temps rouler" or "Let the good times roll!"


Cresent City Guesthouse is a great bed and breakfast two blocks from Frenchmen Street. If I am not staying with family or friends, I stay there or the most excellent Little Eazy Guest House.



Santa Fe on Esplanade has the best margaritas in town - house on the rocks. I highly recommend the Chicken Maximillian which was created by the original chef and owner. The word on the street is that he didn't return after Katrina and sold the restaurant. This is my most favorite place in the universe. If you are looking for New Orleans food, skip this recommendation and visit the remaining recommendations on this list.

Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar has the best Char-grilled oysters. Grab a table, sit at the oyster bar, have a beer and pass a good time. Acme Oyster House is right across the street but this is my personal favorite.

Commander's Palace in the Garden District has been cooking for the people of New Orleans for decades. When you make your reservation, request the Garden or Patio Room. Go for lunch. It is a little too buttoned-up at dinner for my taste. Good food. Twenty-five cent martinis. Three is the limit!


Eat New Orleans is a delicious place to eat in the French Quarter. I was introduced to this place by some Chicago foodies on a rebuild trip post-Katrina. They were spot-on and I try to get there whenever I get a chance to go home.



Port of Call has the best steak and hamburgers in New Orleans hands down. There is usually a line. Rumor has it that they also have an extensive menu of rum drinks but I don't know much about that.


Liuzza's by the Track is my favorite local New Orleans hang-out. Gumbos, Po-boys, onion rings and Italian food all served under one roof. It is down the street from Santa Fe and near one of the entrances to the Jazz Festival.

Central Grocery in the French Quarter is the must-try muffaletta shop. A half muffaletta is more than enough for two people.


The Spotted Cat is a great place to hear music right in the middle of everything that is Frenchmen Street.

The National World War II Museum is not to be missed. Plan to spend a day if you want to see most of it.


Rock-n-Bowl is back and bigger than ever. Zydeco night is my personal favorite.




New Orleans is known for the best coffee in the world. Viisit Cafe du Monde if you are in the French Quarter. Anywhere else, check out CC's Coffee Shops owned Community Coffee, my favorite local coffee.



The Bombay Club at the Prince Conti Hotel in the French Quarter serves up the best martinis.



Pere Antoine Restaurant mixes up a really good Bloody Mary. I would not eat here however. Their Corner Oyster House at the corner of Jackson Square offers the same excellent Bloody Mary's with a Sports Bar atmosphere.

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