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Stillness in Motion

the tai chi video

featuring Ben Wren

Ben Wren teaches tai chi in this instructional video introducing the long-soft form.

The video opens with an eight-minute visual introduction to the entire form then Ben moves into a studio to teach us the movement and meaning of each step.

The Long-Soft Form - Tai Chi Stance | Reaching for the Earth | Embracing the Universe | Petting the reins of the horse | Blowing out Chi | Ward off blow | Chop the Monkey | Playing the Harp | Brushing off sparrows | Repel the Monkey | Approach the Monkey | Divine supplication | Retreat from the Monkey | Ward off blow | Pack the Monkey | Wash the Monkey | Shove the Monkey | Pull the bow | Tai Chi Stance | Clouds and rain | Hurricane | Lightning bolt | Chop the Monkey | Searching for the Jade | Tai Chi Stance/Torque | Exploding Monkey | Twin peaks | Piercing Jade Earrings | Tai Chi Stance/Torque | Golden rooster | Tree extension | Snake | Searching for the Jade | Searching for the needle in the haystack | Blind kick offense | Tai Chi Stance/Torque | Sweeping up the Earth | Swallowing the Earth | Temple Post Mediation

Video credits:

Stillness in Motion - the tai chi video | featuring the Rev. Ben Wren, S.J. | with Claudia Calebra, Dianne Ducote, Connie Gay, Maxine Hornung, Mimi Landry, Vivian Michals, Maria Suarez, Pat Voelkel, Dennis Wilson

photography by Brad Grundmeyer, Michael Park and Curt Wainwright | still photography by Tina Louie | field production by Carlos Colon and Kevin Goodman | edited by Shelby Cave | music composed and performed by Philip de Gruy | produced by Kevin Goodman and the Rev. Ben Wren, S.J. | directed by Kevin Goodman

Thanks to Mary Blue and Tim Watson

for Maxine, she dances amongst us


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